For Media Interviews and Interviews by Students

Many of the individuals and families who were involved in Brown v. Board prefer not to be contacted by the media or by students.  The following is a list of those who are willing to speak with journalists and/or students.  They are listed by their case affiliation:

Delaware – Belton (Bulah) et. al. vs. Gebhart

Daughters of case namesake Ethel Belton –

 Andreia Brown,

 Brigette Brown,

Kansas – Brown et. al. vs. the Board of Education
 (parents were listed as plaintiffs on behalf of their children)

Daughter of plaintiff Mrs. Maude Lawton 

 Victoria (Lawton) Benson, (785) 354-9975

Son of plaintiff Mrs. Shirla Fleming

 Duane Fleming, (952) 249-1998

Daughter of plaintiff and case namesake Oliver Brown

 Cheryl Brown Henderson,  
 Ms. Brown Henderson serves as Brown family spokesperson and is only able to accept media interviews. 

South Carolina – Briggs et. al. vs. Elliott
(Parents were listed as plaintiffs on behalf of their children)

Son of plaintiff and case namesake Harry Briggs

 Nathaniel Briggs

Son of plaintiff Louis W. Stukes

 Will Stukes, (215) 842-3392

Son of case organizer Rev. J. A. DeLaine

 J.A. DeLaine, Jr.,

Virginia – Davis et. al. vs. Prince Edward County

Plaintiff and sister of student strike leader Barbara Johns

 Joan Cobb,


 Joy Cabarrus Speakes,

Plaintiff and co-leader of student strike

 John Stokes,


 John Watson, or

Washington, D.C. – Bolling et. al. vs. Sharpe

His mother was a member of The Consolidated Citizens an organization headed by case organizer Gardner Bishop

 Alonzo Smith,