Black/White & Brown Documentary Program

In the documentary program, BLACK/WHITE & BROWN: Brown versus the Board of Education of Topeka, the story, events and circumstances of this momentous decision are told by many of the individuals associated with this case, including Cheryl Brown Henderson (plaintiff Oliver Brown's youngest daughter, former director of the Brown Foundation), Linda Brown Thompson (Oliver Brown's daughter whose admission denial to an all-white elementary school helped form the basis of the case), Roger Wilkins (Co-Chair, NAACP Legal Defense Fund), Hon. Robert Carter (Federal District Court Judge, former attorney with the Legal Defense Fund at the time of the Brown case), Leola Montgomery (Oliver Brown's widow), and Maurita Davis (daughter of McKinley Burnett, former president of the Topeka branch of the NAACP).

This new program offers exclusive insights and interviews from many of the participants who have traditionally shunned the public spotlight resulting from the case that the New York Times has called "the most important legal decision of the 20th century, perhaps of all time."

This momentous Supreme Court decision has become one of the pivotal events in the history of the civil rights movement. It continues to serve as a landmark ruling to which many lawyers and social activists refer as they present arguments in support of various issues associated with matters of cultural diversity and racial equity.

BLACK/ WHITE & BROWN tells the stories of the individuals associated with this case (many of whom are deceased) through conversations with relatives who are most familiar with their experiences. Who were the main characters that took part in this historic event? What did they hope to achieve? Why did they choose to become involved? What impact did they have upon the larger community?

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