Online Tour of National Park - 2

Race and the American Creed

Most visitors begin their tour watching the film Race and the American Creed, shown in the former school auditorium. This 25-minute film runs continuously in the gallery.  Visitors may watch it in one sitting or take a break, visit other galleries, and then return.  Each five-minute chapter highlights an aspect of African American history in the United States and the civil rights movement.  Nicole visits her grandfather's friend to learn more about "how this 'black/white' thing got started" and to better understand the American creed of freedom and equality.  As the film unfolds, an icon in the gallery is illuminated.

Plaque at entrance of Race and American Creed gallery 

Opening sequence from the film

Icon for How Segregation Came To Be

Icon for Resistance
Icon for War and National Service

Icon for Education.  Note the photographs of prominent African Americans on the walls.

Icon for Civil Rights

The film is shown on a number of rear projection screens
Visitors are encouraged to next visit Education and Justice at the north end of the hallway.

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