Brown Quarterly - Vol. 3, No. 4 (Spring 2000)

Historic Connections:
A Civil Rights Travel Symposium

October 18-22, 2000
Reminiscent of the 1960's Freedom Riders
Travel by Motor Coach to the heart of this country’s Civil Rights Movement

St. Louis, Missouri
Memphis, Tennessee
Birmingham and Montgovery, Alabama

Study Tour Sponsored by:
The Brown Foundation
Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
Washburn University, Topeka

Symposium Purpose:
A rich history of civil rights and human rights movements have shaped public policy in this country. Join us for an exclusive introduction to the communities and people whose grassroots efforts changed the course of history.

"Historic Connections" will journey to:

St. Louis, Missouri - site of the Dred Scott Case, identified as a major factor in the start of the Civil War.

Memphis, Tennessee - We will visit the National Civil Rights Museum, which houses the Lorraine Motel with its infamous balcony where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was standing when he was struck down by an assassin's bullet. Museum exhibits also depict freedom marches and other civil rights milestones.

Montgomery, Alabama - This stop includes the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Civil Rights Monument, which is a tribute to the fallen heroes, both men and women, of the civil rights movement. We will learn about the Center’s initiative called “Teaching Tolerance” and their efforts to educate the public about hate groups.

Birmingham, Alabama - Here we will explore the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute which focuses on the city’s sometimes turbulent past. Institute exhibits and educational programs offer a behind the scenes look at sit-ins and marches for the cause of equal rights, and the police brutality, bombings and other attempts to halt African Americans' pursuit of constitutional protections.